Marrakech x Bala Bangles

We are obsessed with Le Riad Yasmine.

Vogue x Bala Bangles

Thrilled to be mentioned in Vogue. 

Jordan Kahana x Bala Bangles | The Adventure Squad

The Adventure Squad was formed when Jordan Kahana found two puppies on the side of the road.

Officially Quigley x Bala Bangles | Spotted in Portugal

@officiallyquigley is spotted in Portugal wearing Deep Blue Bala Bangles. 

Bala Bangles | Island Hopping in Greece

April brought Bala on the go to a recent trip to Greece to work out while traveling.  Doesn't blush pink look good on her? 

Bala Bangles | Ankle Friendly

Everyone always asks us if you can wear Bala on your ankles. And the answer is YES. They were made as a one-size-fits-all weight to be worn on your wrist and your ankles.

Bala Bangles | Gearing up

Here's how you put your Balas on. Go get em. 


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