Bala Bangles x DanceBody | Vita Coco Pop up

Bala Bangles x DanceBody | Vita Coco Pop up

New Yorkers love their sparkling water so Vita Coco brought its brand-new Vita Coco Sparkling collection to life in the cutest way with a pop up shop at 138 Wooster St.

The Pop Shop by Vita Coco included exclusive work out classes including none other than a DanceBody class with Bala Bangles. 

“We all know consumer habits are evolving. People don’t just want to buy a product anymore. They want to know your brand on a deeper level and to feel connected to the values you represent,” Jane Prior, Vita Coco’s executive vice president of global brand strategy, told Metro. “We’re excited to push the boundaries of what a leading better-for-you beverage company is expected to do by creating tangible experiences. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s colorful and full of eye-catching moments.”

“Teaming up with the finest of NYC’s wellness community allows us to showcase the benefits of our nutrient-rich, electrolyte-packed portfolio of products,” Prior said.

The Pop Up Shop was loads of fun and the DanceBody class with Bala was a huge hit. 

Additional programming for the Pop Shop by Vita Coco included:

• Sky Ting Yoga with founders Chloe + Krissy and Beth Cook
• Panels about self-care, finding your “inner fizz” and more with wellness, fitness and disruptive startup thought leaders
• Meditation with MNDFL
• Breathwork workshop by Kingsley Delacato
• DanceBody class with Bala Bangles 

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